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MK Danon: Leftists, Do Not Rejoice over Migron

MK Danny Danon had a word of advice to leftists who are happy with the eviction in Migron Sunday: do not rejoice. The answer to leftist court motions against construction in Judea and Samaria is more construction, and that is exactly what is happening, he said. He was referring to the Migron relocation agreement and the deal struck over the Ulpana Neighborhood relocation, which involve more construction than was originally planned in both sites, making the leftist court victories pyrhhic ones.

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Israel to be Energy Independent

Israel is very much an isolated nation when it comes to energy. Until recently, Israel had virtually none of its own energy and was dependent on outside sources to even light a lightbulb.

This caused huge potential security problems for this small country. It imported coal and had an agreement with Egypt to supply oil and natural gas, making it vulnerable to changing and hostile Mid East political turmoil.

The recent removal of Hosni Mubarrak, Egypt's long term leader and friend of Israel, saw the reins of power change. Almost immediately friction began between the countries. The pipeline from Egypt’s natural gas fields to supply Israel was sabotaged more than 14 times, making it unusable.

In April, the new regime in Egypt, by now headed by the Muslim Brotherhood, decided to cancel the long term natural gas supply contract with Israel.

This could have been a devastating blow, possibly forcing a war for energy, a nations lifeblood. But in a dramatic, almost biblical turn of events, Israel had been rescued from the Egyptian decree by the discovery of huge natural gas fields off its coast.

The size of this discovery turns Israel into a long term, energy independent country. They have more than enough gas to become an energy exporter. This is game changing and history making at the same time…..As though a hand again parted the water to rescue the Israelis.

When I asked Danny Danon about this huge turn of events, his response was: “We were very lucky when we found the gas and within a year we expect to be transferring the gas from the sea into our power grid".

Danon expects to see his country become a major exporter of gas to its neighbors, as well as Europe. Israel will no longer need to import coal or gas for its power. Danon "hopes that Israel’s cutting edge technology companies will find a way to get it off the use of oil to power its cars." His aim is to "have the tech able to transform the countries fleet of cars to electric power and not have to import a drop of oil, since they will have an abundance of electric generation."

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MK Danon's interview with FOX New's Megyn Kelly on the Iranian threat


Danon: Obama Gave Israel the Cold Shoulder

MK Danny Danon welcomed Republican presidential hopeful Gov. Mitt Romney to Israel, saying that President Barack Obama gave Israel the cold shoulder. “The visit of Governor Romney was very important for Israelis. We saw a candidate who cares about Israel. The very fact that he came during the campaign, three months before election day, speaks for itself.” Danon stated. 

“We ask ourselves how come President Obama did not find the time to visit Jerusalem. He went to Saudi Arabia, he went to Turkey, to Egypt, but he forgot about the United States’ ally here in the Middle East.” Danon added.  

“We heard a strong commitment from Governor Romney and we hope to see a change in the American policy towards Israel.” 

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"For Knesset’s Danny Danon, unapologetic Israeli nationalism is key to political success"

By Uriel Heilman -  29/7/2012 - www.jta.org

If there’s one thing Danny Danon doesn’t do, it’s shy away from controversy.

Danon, a deputy speaker of the Israeli Knesset and chairman of World Likud, has come under fire for describing African migrants in Israel as a “national plague,” for hosting controversial U.S. TV personality Glenn Beck at the Knesset and for demanding government investigations of left-wing NGOs.

Though Danon is in his first term in the Knesset, his profile is rising quickly on the Israeli political scene -- perhaps more than anything else because of his unapologetically nationalist vision for Israel’s future.

He wants Israel to annex all the Jewish-occupied and uninhabited land in the West Bank. He wants Palestinians living on the remainder of the West Bank to become part of Jordan, Egypt to take control of the Gaza Strip and the international community to reject the establishment of a Palestinian state on the west bank of the Jordan River (it’s fine by him if the Palestinians take over the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the east bank). Danon does not believe in land for peace or the two-state solution.

Danon outlines his blueprint for Israel's future in a book due out in September, “Israel: The Will to Prevail," though the book focuses more on history than the details of the blueprint.

“I’m working very hard to present a different approach for the peace process,” Danon told JTA in a recent interview in his Knesset office. “Our goal should be to annex the maximum land with the minimum Arab population,” he said of the West Bank. “We should speak about our rights and not apologize for it. We have biblical rights, historical rights, rights according to international law. We also have common-sense rights: We won the war.”

While his ideas might seem far-fetched and antiquated -- a throwback to notions that haven’t been discussed with much seriousness since the pre-Oslo era -- Danon believes Israelis are warming to them.

“We live in the Middle East; everything is dynamic here. With time it can be feasible,” he said. “I don’t accept that my views are on the fringe. I do believe one day they will be accepted.”

Danon’s detractors fear this is becoming true – in Israel, at least.

“Ostensibly, one could even ignore the existence of this Likud backbencher, but little Danny Danon will be big, the sugar of the Israeli right," Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy, a left-wing critic, wrote last summer. "So it's better to pay attention to him now rather than later.”


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