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MK Danon Honors Koby Mandell Foundation

MK Danny Danon honored the Koby Mandell Foundation in a special Knesset committee meeting intended to highlight the need for more government cooperation to support terror victims.

"After our son was murdered, we thought that Israel would be very helpful since we have had so much tragedy here,” said Sherri Mandell, Koby's mother and founder of the foundation with her husband, Rabbi Seth Mandell. "One of the amazing things about Camp Koby is that you are together with other kids who have similar stories. It doesn't only give us a safe place to be together, but it also gives us a chance to grow outside of camp.”

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Danon: Expel all illegal migrants from state of Israel

At a conference on the issue of illegal infiltrators, MK Danny Danon said firmly, "Enough talk, it is time for action. Deport all of the infiltrators from the state of Israel."

At the Conference, held in Schunat Hatikva, one of the areas plagued by African illegals, Danon offered a solution to the ongoing issue: Israel must "build cities for infiltrators, finish construction of the border fence (along Israel's southern border with Egypt) and expel all the infiltrators from Israel," 

Danon stressed that he condemns any form of violence but added that Israeli "have turned into refugees in their own homes, and the (African) refugees have become the permanent residents (of Israel).

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MK Danon: Jews Need to Come Home to Israel

Chairman of the Knesset Immigration, Absorption, and Diaspora Affairs Committee, MK Danny Danon welcomed 229 new English-speaking immigrants to Israel. During his welcoming speech, Danon praised the new Olim for returning to our homeland, but noted there are more illegal infiltrators flooding the country than there are new immigrants. 

Danon added that “it does not make sense that each year more illegal aliens from Africa enter Israel than do Jewish olim from the entire world. We must fight to maintain the Jewish nature of the State of Israel and increase activity to raise the number of olim coming to Israel.”

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MK Danon: Alcohol Ad Law Will Stop Teen Abuse

A new bill to block all advertising of alcohol is aimed at preventing alcohol abuse says MK Danny Danon.

The World Likud Chairman, who is also a member of the Knesset Committee on the Rights of the Child, had submitted the proposal. Danon told reporters that if passed, the law will “save many lives and halt the plague of drunkenness among youth.”

Under the proposed law, all advertising of alcoholic beverages would be prohibited on billboards, bus signs and other public notice areas. Advertising in other areas, such as in markets, would be curtailed with limits placed on the size and placement of the signs. Advertisements with colorful cartoon characters, which are aimed primarily at youth, would be prohibited altogether.

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The integrity of ‘no’

by Danny Danon

Do not negotiate on your core ideology. This is what guided Shamir in his steadfast defense of the rights of the Jewish people.

The people of Israel lost a true leader with the passing of Yitzhak Shamir. Before assuming the reins as our seventh prime minister, Shamir dutifully served his people and his country first as head of the underground Lehi, then in the Mossad where he was responsible for tracking down and eliminating some of our worst enemies including Nazi war criminals who had fled to Egypt, and finally in the political arena where he served as a member and then speaker of Knesset, foreign minister and finally prime minister after the resignation of his mentor Menachem Begin.

Upon the death of a loved one, we often take the time to look through the memory book of their life and search for the 

lessons their legacy can teach us. In the case of Yitzhak Shamir, a multi-volume set of thick-bound tomes might be more a appropriate metaphor. These books are filled with the earth of the whole land of Israel, and immersed in values and an understanding of our unique place in history. His spirit and his values are an inspiration to all of those who love this land, and especially to the members of his beloved Likud movement that strives to stay true to Shamir’s teachings.

You do not negotiate on your core ideology.

This is what guided Shamir in his steadfast defense of the rights of the Jewish people to their historic homeland. In the years he guided Israel’s foreign policy, he would not compromise on this basic tenet. In 1992, under intense pressure from the American administration, Shamir stood fast and made clear to the world that money cannot buy values. He bravely rejected the US demand that he stop building in Judea and Samaria in return for loan guarantees.

This money was very much needed to absorb our brothers who were then coming home from the former Soviet Union, but Shamir knew that such an act on his behalf would be a slippery slope that would set a terrible precedent for the future leaders of Israel. Such a move would have endangered his beloved settlement enterprise which he knew was invaluable for the future wellbeing of the state.

Shamir’s decisions and policies were not always popular or politically correct. There was no end of criticism both in Israel and from the international community. In fact, there were times when his refusal to abandon his core values probably cost him at the ballot box, such as when he lost to Yitzhak Rabin in the 1992 elections. Nevertheless, over time, his steadfastness disproved today’s assumption that you must be guided daily by opinion polls to obtain power, and then govern.

Without ever abandoning his beliefs, Shamir was able to not only reach the highest office in the land, but he also ended up serving in office longer than any other prime minister since David Ben-Gurion. Moreover, because of his intellectual honesty and core decency, since leaving office Shamir was admired by all Israelis – whatever their political persuasion – for the great leader that he was.

To better convey Shamir’s unique foresight and leadership capabilities, I must share a short story. In the early 1990s, while serving as a Betar emissary in the United States, I invited one of my childhood heroes to come speak to my host community. Yitzhak graciously agreed to speak at an event I had organized promoting Israel and aliya. When he was asked for his opinion about the demographic threat that is so often raised, Shamir answered with full confidence that we must remain steadfast and work tirelessly to bring millions of Soviet Jews home to Israel.

At that time, such a prediction seemed completely unrealistic, and even a tad naïve. Nevertheless, Shamir’s analysis proved with time to be completely accurate and proved how important it is for a leader to remain true to his values. By believing and planning, one million Russians ultimately came to live in Israel, changing our core demographic reality forever.

That night, after he had finished addressing the group, I had the honor of spending an evening with the former prime minister. I was enthralled with his stories and life lessons, especially with his core conviction that a leader must truly believe in and be ready to defend his policies. If a leader does so, he told me, there is no need to worry about the criticism that will inevitably follow any brave decision.

Yitzhak Shamir was truly made of the very fibers of which history is woven. We must all strive to fulfill the legacy of Prime Minister Shamir. He starkly proved that sometimes in history, saying “no” is the best possible way to achieve “yes.” We should all do our best to remain true to our beliefs and none of us should go to sleep at night without asking ourselves: “What have I done today for the Jewish people and the land of Israel, and what can I do tomorrow to ensure the safety and wellbeing of these two unwavering commitments of the beloved Yitzhak Shamir.”

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