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MK Danon interviews in Spanish

“Estamos muy preocupados por el fortalecimiento de Chávez en Sudamérica” 

ItonGadol.- “Estamos muy preocupados por el fortalecimiento de Chávez en Sudamérica y creemos que se su postura influye en varios países latinoamericanos” así lo afirmó Danny Danon, vicepresidente de la Kneset.

 La Agencia Judía de Noticias entrevistó, en forma exclusiva a Danny Danon, vicepresidente de la Knesset,(Parlamento israelí) luego de que visitara la remodelación que el Grupo Ory está realizando en el edificio que le cedió en comodato el Likud de Argentina, para instalar su Hogar Ierushalaim para discapacitados mentales.



Take your child to Knesset day

Take your child to Knesset day If it were up to the children of Knesset members to make the fateful decisions, the school week would be shortened to five days, and summer vacation would be at least as long as it is now (two months) if not a month longer. And they mostly would not care if the law to filter "inappropriate" Internet sites is adopted or not.

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On the eve of Herzl's Memorial Day, His Prophecy is Unfulfilled

MK Danny Danon, World Likud Chairman

HerzelThe Jewish National Fund has violated the prophecy of Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl on the very day of his remembrance. He passed away 105 years ago, at the age of 44, in July of 1904- exactly 44 years before the establishment of our glorious state. From his deathbed, just days before his heart failed, Herzl told the members of his family as they stood by his bedside:

"My people are good people, an incredible people. They will see the land and its properties. The division of the land must belong to the Jewish National Fund."


MK Danon: Boycott July 4 celebration

jerpost.jpgMK Danny Danon called Tuesday on his fellow legislators to boycott the annual American Independence Day celebration at US Ambassador James Cunningham's home.

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"Land reform is post-Zionist"

JNF MK Danon blasted Tuesday's decision by the directors of the Jewish National Fund to approve a land swap that would allow JNF-held lands in the center of the country to be sold for private development."This is a regrettable decision, through which the JNF has lost its goal of preserving and developing land for the Jewish nation,". "We should not allow foreign investors to buy land. Who knows what could happen - in the end the developer could turn out to be working with Saudi funds."

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