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MK Danon: Pass the outpost bill before its too late

Plans are underway to relocate five apartment buildings in the Ulpana neighborhood in Judea and Samaria, to land that has been authorized for housing in the Beit El community. The High Court ruled that the homes were built without permits on private Palestinian property, will result in the evacuation fof 30 families by July 1.

MK Danny Danon, along with Ulpana residents, have rejected the premise of the High Court ruling, and called upon Netanyahu to support two Knesset outpost bills, which would legalize the Jewish West Bank construction, set to be presented in the Knesset on Wednesday. Danon has called on the government to pass a bill retroactively to legalize West Bank outposts. “Pass the outpost bill before its too late- Mofaz and Barak are taking the coalition left a nd hurting the settlement enterprise from within,” Danon stated. MK Danon also plans to hold a meeting of settlement representatives in the Knesset today to discuss the ongoing developments in the Ulpana outpost community.


Deportation Now!

By Danny Danon

What would you think if I told you of a country that, in the middle of its financial and cultural center, allowed the existence of an autonomous district in which the laws of the state do not apply? What would you say if I informed you that more than 25,000 residents of this urban area – the same population size as an average city in this country – are illegal residents of the State of Israel? 

There are over 80,000 illegal infiltrators in Israel. In 2011, that number increased by 17,000, and since the beginning of 2012 more than 8,000 people have crossed our borders illegally. We are at a critical crossroads with a strategic demographic threat developing within our borders that may upend our country’s very character as a Jewish and democratic state. It is nonsensical that such large numbers of illegal infiltrators from Africa are settling permanently in our country and so little is being done to rectify this problem. This is especially highlighted when taking into account that the crime rate among the infiltrators is almost double the rate of that in the general population. The desperately necessary solution is a three-pronged program to end this dangerous phenomenon: stop, arrest and deport.

We have begun to make progress on the first element of this plan. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, an historic project is being completed along our southern border. Millions of shekels have been budgeted to build a (hopefully) impregnable fence between Egypt and Israel.

Together with an intensified effort by the IDF and the Border Police, we may soon see a shifting of the tide in terms of the numbers of infiltrators who are able to cross into Israel undetected.

Regarding the second element, arrest, we are also beginning to see more action from the government. Whenever infiltrators succeed in eluding capture and make it safely into Israeli territory, they must be immediately detained. Understanding the strain that a large increase in arrests will exert on our prison services, the government has approved the building of an advanced detention center. Once completed, excuses about lack of space and resources needed to house those who break our laws by sneaking into our country will no longer be valid.

While we are slowing the flow of illegal infiltrators and detaining those who do gain entry, we must simultaneously begin to seriously implement the third part of this strategy. All illegal infiltrators in the State of Israel must be deported immediately. Some will go home to Africa, while others may be sent to Eastern Europe once repatriation and compensation agreements are reached. But in the end, they all must go. This may sound like a complicated process, but through increased, stricter enforcement, along with smart new legislation when needed, we can quickly simplify the process. Most importantly, it must be carried out properly and swiftly. 

Some on the extreme left cry out that it is unfair to demand that we send these people home. While opponents may be trying to score cheap political points against the Likud government, we must not get bogged down by responding to their simplistic and often blatantly false accusations. We do not have the luxury of burying our heads in the sand and ignoring the burgeoning threat to our society that is making headlines on an almost daily basis.

The Likud government has begun to take important steps to implement this plan, but there is much to do and not much time left. Every day that goes by in which infiltrators are not stopped, arrested and deported merely encourages an increase in the number of Africans who attempt to reach Israel. We must make clear to ourselves and to the world that we will no longer tolerate this attack on our sovereignty.

The State of Israel has never been known to shy away from strategic threats that endanger the existence of the Jewish homeland. Just in the past few months, our leaders have made it abundantly clear that we are willing to do whatever it takes to stop such a threat a half continent away. There is no reason that the issue of illegal infiltrators should be treated any more lightly. We must all unite and increase the public pressure on our government to ensure that it acts immediately on all necessary fronts to end this threat once and for all.

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Danon: Border Fence Not Enough; Deport Illegal Infiltrators

At the fifth annual Ramle conference, MK Danny Danon spoke on the subject of illegal infiltrators originating from Africa who enter through the unsealed border with Egypt, and then claiming refugee status in Israel.  Danon stated that there are more of these people than olim coming to Israel and that “as a result of the entry of illegal infiltrators to neighborhoods in various cities, children and women are afraid to wander the streets, crime is on the rise, unemployment is high and the Jewish character of the neighborhoods has disappeared.”  He added that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be told that “we’re very proud of the fence that you’re building, but without actually deporting those people we’ll see more of them coming.”


Danon pushes bill to deport 80% of migrants

MK Danny Danon is introducing legislation to remove illegal infiltrators from the country. Danon has called on state comptroller to start an investigation into the matter. Danon chairs the Knesset Caucus to Solve the Infiltrator Problem, and created a legislation that would require the Interior Ministry to deport 50% of illegals within a year, and 80% within two years. The ministry estimates there are roughly 100,000 African migrants in Israel. “Deportation now, without delay and without mercy, all the infiltrators should be taken out of Israel.” Danon explained that deportation will act as a deterrent to future migration problems: “Only drastic action can change the situation in Israel- violence and crime cannot be part of the routine in the State of Israel.”

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MK slams hunger strike deal as ‘serious mistake’

Danny DanonMK Danny Danon expressed that the Egyptian mediated agreement to end the weeks-long hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners was a mistake.  According to Danon, "Rather than making things harder on the terrorists, they give them gifts." The deal grants Palestinian prisoners better conditions, including family visits to prisoners held under administrative detention.  "The situation of security prisoners must be clear: no family visits, no special benefits, and key prisoners must be confined separately," Danon added.  In exchange for better conditions, the commanders of organizations outside the prison gave a commitment to prevent terrorism in addition to the prisoners pledging to eschew terror activity.

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