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Danon: Arab MKs Running Terror Hotline From Knesset

Danny DanonMK Danny Danon has begun a debate at the Knesset regarding Arab MKs who recently visited striking Islamic Jihad leader Khader Adnan in the hospital.  Adnan began a hunger strike in protest of a decision by a military court to detain him because he is believed to pose an immediate security risk to Israeli civilians.  MK Danon invited the Arab MKs to join Adnan’s hunger strike, after they showed solidarity with a terrorist and condemned Israel. He hadded that Israel will do what is necessary to defend its citizens.  Danon argues that “this visit is the continuation of the terror help hotline run by Arab MKs out of the Knesset."

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MK Danon: Likud Must Stay on the 'Right' Side of Politics

MK Danny Danon announced Monday that he would run against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for chairmanship of the Likud Electoral Committee. Danon said that he felt it was necessary for a member of the right wing of the party to stand against Netanyahu, whom he said was too easily swayed to the left.
“I will not allow the party to give Ehud Barak a guaranteed spot in the Likud Knesset list, and I will not let the Likud slip to the left,” Danon said. “As head of the Committee, which sets policy for the party, I will remain true to the Likud's true platform and values – not to the values of Dan Meridor and Michael Eitan,” two influential Likud members who do not represent the party's traditional values, he said.
Danon said he has been preparing his campaign for several months. His main purpose, Danon said, was to ensure that the Likud remains true to its right wing legacy and to prevent “slippage” towards left-wing positions, which Netanyahu has undertaken apparently as a means of attracting the left into his coalition. Such “slippage” is a guarantee that the Likud will lose votes in the general election, Damon said. “It is our nationalistic agenda that unifies us as a party, and this must be preserved, in order to succeed at the polls. This agenda must be preserved at all costs,” he added.
During a Likud faction meeting Monday, Netanyahu announced that he, too, would run for the spot. Netanyahu said that he was seeking to ensure that the new party structure remained, with decisions of the Committee remaining predominant in the structure of the party's decision making process.
Commenting on Netanyahu's decision to run, Danon said that “I am running to preserve the party's ideology and protect it from a leftist agenda. An ideological Likud is a strong Likud,” he added.

Democracy is alive and kicking in the Knesset


The Knesset has developed into a firm purveyor of the democratic values that reflect our country’s character. 
This week the parliament of the renascent State of Israel marked its 63rd anniversary. I was awestruck by the 4,000 visitors we had that day, youngsters, observant and nonobservant, Jews and Arabs – all proudly engaged in their inspection of our nation’s democracy at work.
Even as the Knesset is routinely ridiculed by eager critics, I firmly believe all Israelis and friends of Israel around the globe can continue to look to our legislature with abiding pride and respect.
As an insider, an MK and Deputy Speaker, not a day passes in which I do not hear the constant rhetorical drumbeat that members of Knesset have abandoned their commitment to the values upon which the institution is based. Such arguments are largely based on misinformation, or more often a dislike for the sitting government and the parties in the majority. It is imperative that we remind ourselves that in Israel, unlike most in other nations in the region, the parliament is elected by the people in free and open elections.
The positions voiced in the Knesset reflect the electorate which places us there. The views which we advocate are not ours alone but are rather based on party platforms and promises that we presented as our contract with the voters. As in other Western parliaments, the legislative process in Israel employs a healthy system of checks and balances wherein every Knesset member is able to voice his or her opinion, within the confines of the law.
Critics of a specific member of Knesset would therefore be wise to remember that our actions are not tied to our individual personalities but are rather an honest reflection of what we have been elected to do.
Recently, I and many of my colleagues have been nastily labeled undemocratic. As a long-time observer of this body, I respectfully suggest that today’s Knesset is more democratic, more transparent and in fact more effective than during any other period I can remember.
Case in point: Last year, I proposed that the foreign funding of NGOs should be thoroughly investigated by a parliamentary commission so as to determine their origins and motives and assess the potential harm which such funding could cause to our national well-being. I also proposed a bill mandating that Israeli organizations and individuals who support boycotts against Israel should be subject to civil penalties that could be imposed in an Israeli court of law.

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Hundreds visit Samaria for Tu B'Shvat

Over 2,000 people from throughout the country toured Samaria Wednesday in honor of Tu B'Shvat, as guests of the Samaria regional authority.

The tourists included members of employees unions from several leading factories and firms, graduates of the Betar Movement, olim and students from the U.S. and France, and over 1,000 Likud members.

The archeological site at the Sebastia national park was opened to the public in honor of the occasion, and received hundreds of visitors.

The 1,000 Likud members were also hosted by MK Danny Danon (Likud), who heads World Likud, along with Samaria regional authority chief Gershon Mesika. They visited Itamar and planted 1,500 trees in the compound of the Mishkan Ehud Beit Midrash, a Torah study hall being built in memory of the Fogel family.

The Head of the Itamar Yeshiva, Rav Avichai Ronsky, said at the planting ceremony: "The construction of the yeshiva opposite the village from which the murderers came – that is our victory. Construction in Judea and Samaria is our response to all those who try to hurt us."

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MK Danny Danon: Time to ‘Stop Playing Games’ with Iran

In an interview on New York’s WABC Radio “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio”, Danon urges the West to show some strength and to cease playing games with Iran.  He states that the West and Europe must speak the same language as the Middle East when it comes to this issue. He also says that Israel is in favor of imposing sanctions which are also backed up by the threat of taking action.  Danon feels that the Western societies including the U.S. and certain European countries must come together in a joint effort to help fight the Iranian threat.


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